Short film to raise awareness around climate breakdown. Screened at over 25 film festivals, received a cinema release in the UK, were translated into more than 15 languages and had millions of views across social media.

Written by HB Lyle



A Different Class of Spy

TV Series
An adaptation of HB Lyle’s acclaimed historical thrillers.
Written by HB Lyle and Saul Dibb, to be directed by Saul Dibb.

Old Spies

Feature film. Written by HB Lyle.
After a fire destroys MI6’s cold war records, the secret service is thrown into turmoil when old Soviet spymaster Boris seizes control of a newly aggressive Russia. With time running out, the service has to call in the only people who know anything about him. Trouble is, they’re all dead. Or are they?

Old Spies never die, they just go under cover.