Back to Baker Street With ‘The Irregular’ and ‘Unquiet Spirits’

Book review: Meet the detective who can fill the gap between Sherlock Holmes and James Bond

Year in review: Our favourite books of 2017

The Year of the Gun

The Irregular

The Red Ribbon

Sherlock Holmes’ delayed first appearance here is shrewdly calculated. Though Lyle’s debut novel is certainly an homage…

The Red Ribbon: An engrossing story that leaves time for a sequel or two before war breaks out.

Book Review: The Red Ribbon by H.B. Lyle

In an entertaining blend of history and fiction, H. B. Lyle draws on the Sherlock Holmes stories for inspiration.

A compelling historical mystery no fan of either history or mystery can resist.

Historical Novel Society: Book Reviews

Lyle’s unique blend of real history, inventive storytelling and characters borrowed from Conan Doyle is exhilarating, particularly in this action rammed novel.

A roundup of 2020’s best crime books!

The Red Ribbon is a cracking follow up to last year’s superb historical spy story, The Irregulars. It’s every bit as good, just as sharp – clever, thrilling and inventive.

The Crime Time Best of the Year 2017

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H.B. Lyle’s The Irregular proves that this is still fecund territory, given an unorthodox approach.

A criminally good year